3D Tattoos

3-D Tattoos Used For Medical/Cosmetic Purposes

TattooIdeas (7)In the past decade or so 3-D tattoos have become a wonderful alternative to surgical reconstruction and also very popular as a form of tattoo. The only issue is that not many medical professionals or many people at all a are even familiar with the procedure.

Many cancer patients, and those recovering from cancer, come upon this unique procedure in desperation looking for surgical procedures to help cosmetically such as permanent eyebrows which cannot grow back after chemotherapy. Now unbelievably so but still in line with the tremendous advancements in medical technology, 3-D tattoos are actually being used in breast reconstruction for breast cancer sufferers and those recovering from it.

It has caught the attention of many in the medical community for a means to aid in reconstruction and to help those who have had radical surgery feel good about themselves once again. For the most part it is nipple reconstruction that surgeons are performing and the flesh tone of the nipple is usually kept, unless it is infused with another color.

Even though for the past decade or so nipple tattoos have been growing in popularity usually the man or woman who is post-op has never been in a tattoo parlor or had one done in their life. It is a completely new method for the most part when it comes to candidate for this unique procedure.

Even though this state-of-the-art cosmetic procedure is a God-send for many, there are also those who are not good candidates for it, and those are people who have undergone radiation or have ultra-thin skin. But still, it is a major breakthrough in reconstructive surgery and techniques that is helping rebuild lives across the globe.

This amazing technique truly has a societal effect as well. As a society we think of a woman’s breast as the nipple and areola, and if done well and professionally this 3-D technique looks so authentic it is hard to tell that it was even done. This is fantastic news for women and men who feel self-conscious after a radical surgery to remove their breast and/or nipple.

3-D nipple tattoos are definitely something to keep your eyes open about and to consider for yourself or a friend or loved one who has had cancer and is post-op. They are opening all kinds of doors medically and cosmetically and all for  positive purposes as well.