Tattoo MIsconceptions

Tattoo Misconceptions and Truths

TattooIdeas (5)In today’s culture tattoos have become pretty common place, but it hasn’t always been that way nor is everyone particularly accepting of these ink symbols. However over the past fifty years or so these beautiful works of art have grown in popularity in a big way. These ink markings are a wonderful way to express your own personal style. It actually appears that some groups of folks are completely bewitched by the very arcane symbols.

In fact most people who have received these passionately personal works of art report that they feel an immediate boost to their self image. Believe it or not tattoos have actually been around for a little over 5000 years. Even so, there are still cultural issues with acceptance. Dating back to the discovery of the “iceman” from Egypt in 1991, tats were found on his body, however they were more than likely used for medical reasons as opposed to cosmetic. This is primarily why the Egyptians take most of the credit for the existence of ink art today.

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years but only recently have they been seen as anything close to degrading by society. One has to wonder why things have changed regarding this ancient art form. Men in the military started wearing them to show off their patriotism and pride in the late 1940’s and only recently have they been seen as synonymous with being “trashy” which is very far from the truth.

However within the last decade beliefs about tattoos have changed a bit. It seems as if tattoo shops are on every corner if you take a long enough look. Gone are some of the ludicrous and stereotypical misconceptions about those who wear these incredible works of artistry on their skin.

There is the question asked much of the time why anyone would want to bear the excruciating pain of a tattoo. It is a question that truly no one has been able to answer, however those who opt for an ink symbol, say even though the pain is mind blowing, the pleasure afterwards is well worth it.

Keep these knowledgeable facts in mind before you decide whether or not to brand your virgin skin with a resplendent ink marking, because making the choice to get a tattoo is for the most part a lifelong decision that cannot be reversed easily. If you do so you will be well armed with all of the information you need to make the wisest choice.