Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal… What You Need to Know!

TattooIdeas (3)A lot of tattoo ideas seem great at the time when they are being etched into the skin; however, for one reason or another, a number of individuals would like to have them removed.  There is great news for individuals who want to remove an unwanted tattoo.  Laser tattoo removal has the capacity to get rid of your tattoo with very little side effects.  The high-intensity light beam works by breaking up the tattoo colors.  Each laser wavelength is absorbed by the black tattoo pigment and this makes it easiest to treat.  Depending on the color of the pigment, only selected lasers can be used to treat other colors. 

Each tattoo is unique and as such, the techniques for removal have to be tailored to suit every individual case.  Years ago, a variety of methods were used to remove tattoos but in a number of cases, the scars that were left behind after the procedures were carried out were quite unsightly.

Good Candidates for Laser Removal

Individuals who have previously treated tattoos could be suitable candidates for laser therapy.  Ink that has not been removed effectively through home remedies or other methods of treatment could be removed by laser therapy, as long as the previous treatments did not cause excessive scarring.

Finding a Doctor

To have your tattoo removed, make sure that you seek out a reputable cosmetic surgery center or dermatologist to ensure that proper care and treatment are administered.  If possible, get a referral from your general practitioner for a skin surgery center or dermatologist who specializes in the removal of tattoos.

What to Expect

Depending on the color, age, size of the tattoo and whether it was amateurishly or professionally done, there will be variations in the number of treatments.  The skin color of the patient and how deeply the tattoo pigment is entrenched into the skin will have an effect on the removal technique as well.  The tattoo could be removed in 2 to 4 visits; however, a lot more sessions might be necessary.  A consultation should be scheduled so that you can be evaluated by a trained professional, who will advise you on what the process will entail.

Non Laser Tattoo Removal Techniques

There are also non laser methods that can be used for successful tattoos removal and these include surgical excision, cryosurgery, dermabrasion, cremes and lotions.  There are a number of  benefits that can be derived from non laser tattoo removal and they include less expense, less pain and discomfort and fewer treatments.