First Tattoo

What to Know Before Receiving your First Tattoo

small-scorpio-tattooBefore rushing out to get inked with your first tattoo, there are first some things to consider to ensure you make the right decision across the board. A tattoo can be a very unique way to showcase your own personality and style as long as you consider all aspects before making your final choice.

First and foremost it is important you are certain what you want your tat to say about you or represent. Remember, tattoos are for the most part permanent skin etchings and you certainly don’t want to rush into a decision that you will regret later on. Taking the time to consider what you truly love and what song or symbol best represents who you are as a person is a great first step to take before tossing yourself in a chair yelping “Tat me!”

Make sure your tattoo will mean something to you later on. You definitely don’t want to be disappointed or even appalled at your choice later. As a quick sidebar: make sure you are completely sober as well before being tattooed..It may sound silly, but many make this mistake every day.

Even though this shouldn’t even be of significance, we all know how judgmental society can be. With that being said, it’s wise to consider how your tattoo will go over with your friends and family or even at the office or your place of business. Impressions make a huge difference in life, so keep these things in mind as well. A “tat” isn’t something to go into lightly even though many people do so and live to regret it.

This may also sound like common knowledge but please think long and hard about where you are going to put your beloved ink spot! There are places that are just going to hurt a lot more if you put the tattoo there. The chest and groin hurt pretty darn bad for obvious reasons, so keep that in mind before racing to have your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name plastered on your bottom or across your chest.

Last but not least, ask around and see where your friends got their tattoos. You definitely want to choose a reputable tattoo artist to do the ink work for you. It helps to see the quality of ink work the person you choose to do yours has done in the past. You want to choose someone who is a true artist so that your tattoo is applied safely and looks amazing for years to come.